We live without cellphone.


We live without cellphone.

Abi rohmad

While we live without cell phone. All men and women in this world know that cellphone is a very  important in this way of life. May be just a one from a thousand people needn’t cellphone. There are some reasons about affect of cellphone and why people in this world always use a cellphone in  every time and everyday. Firstly, we live in the modern era, secondly we have to compete with other countries about technology of modern, and thirdly it can make more quickly with  relations to the others.
We live in the modern era, so if we don’t use  technology as cell phone so we are going to leave other countries. But, many people don’t know to use the funtion of cellphone, “…firstly young people”, why I say that because when we see many young people just use to a cellphone about relation to sterdy and not use about bussnise or an importance. For example, all the students in the senior high school which all them has a cellphone. Like this, if we can think about it, of course we will worry to them. Because of comparession  between importance and unimportance any more that unimportances. Although like this we are old people must be using of technology as cellphone has good goals and must  know how to use cellphone. We trust just little people which use cell phone in this world for unimportance and because don’t know yet to use a cell phone.

We have to compete about technology as cellphone with other country. In this world we life not only by ourselves, but also with other people and other countries. It is very dark as Indonesia country if it doesn’t have a famouse product in technology of competition like cell phone. But in here we also can look about great affects from cell phone in Indonesia, many young people become lost good morals, good characters, and influences to the world until they forget about what we should be doing. Actually in their school or study had been learn technology as cell phones, computers, and internet. But just not learn about positive affect and negative affect, so all the students any more don’t know about that. We hope that if there is a technology as cell phone can make us better  and world also come to be best. And from that can make all people more critics thinking to compete  with other country.
Cell phone can make more quickly about relation, world now has plan about free marketing and free relations about bussnise. From cell phone we must be smart to do in the relations and be careful in this life. Because there is a cell phone we can be fast relations to bussinise, and if don’t be careful we can lost controll to think. Remembering the next year on 2015, free marketing will be open. Many people will be happy about that and many people will be so bad about that, like if we don’t prepare from now. All of the countries have entered in our country and of course we will influence them. From technology of cell phone people so else relation with others like if we have a bussinise we will be more to make marketing. Because it is only with online and must be met in the a place we can do negociation for our marketing. That all we have to hope if there is technology of cell phone in our world and country to come better and better.
. We live in the modern era, have to compete about technology, and need quickly of relations to the others. Writer hope from those all, let us make conclusion that technology as , cell phone actually is very important and more positively affect for us, if we can use it.

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