Building Up The Spirits Of Studying For Reaching Achievements.
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Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb
Bismillahirohmaanirohiim, Alhamdulillahirobil’alaamiin, Hamdan Wasyukronlillah, Ammaba’du.
With all due the respect to the honorable Mr. and Mrs. Teachers, and to my beloved companions.
First of all, let’s say our praise and gratitude to God and Almightly due to his ilimitable grace and blessing so that in this good accasion  we can gather here altogether in the best of our health.
William A.ward once said about the recipe for reaching succes, that:
“ Recipe for succes: Study while other are sleeping, work while other are loafing, and dream while other are wishing.”
To my honorable Mr, and Mrs. Teachers as well as my prideful companions,
Each of us has diferrent and various ways to get motivation. For example, there is a child who willingly to study to pursuit the first rank in this class because his parents have lured to buy him a bicycle. This entire(in’taier) thing usually depends(di’pend) on what is wanted by individual concerned. The motivation to study will not come up if any person doesn’t have any wishes, goals, realize the benefits of studying for them. There for, a particular of conditioning is needed so that we can have our spirits to study by the help of motivation.
I hope that these following points of recipe can be followed to get your high spirits in studying so that you can reach bright achievement.
Firstly, choose your friends to associate with spending time with people who like to study have good achievements as well. Beside of that, you can try to find some people or community who has good habit in studying. Ask about experiences in many places to people who have or continuing their education to higher levels. Like those who acquire(e’ scholarship to study abroad, or those who obtain rewards due to their achievements. Their good habit and spirit will be transmitted to us. It’s like the analogy of people who associate with blacksmith or a parfums seller. If we associate with a blacksmith, we will be affected with the smell of burnt irons, and if we associate with a parfoms seller, we will be affected by the scent of fragrances.
Secondly, study anything you need to understand the meaning of study in this part comprehensively, either formal or informal. We can study or learn many kinds of skill such as how to assemble computer, write, make films, become antrepreneurship, and many more.
Thirdly, study from internet, we can utilize the internet to join with people who like to study. Mailing list can be one of may other sites for us to compare thought, opinions, and motivate ourselves. For example, if you want to have some motivation for studying englishe, you can visit
Forthly, associate with people who always think positively and behave optimstically, in this world, we can find those people who always look optimistic even though they burden troubles. By associating with such people, we will obtain the spirits, enthusiasm, and optimisms from them.
Fifth, find some motivator or encourager(in’karid3) sometime, we need some body else as a mentor or a figure that encourages us in life. They could be, friends, lovers, parents, spouses. You can also do the same thing by finding someone or some community that can help to directed  motivate you to study for reaching achievemnts.

That’s all I would like to say. Please forgive me for my mistakes on my words. Thank your attention. I hope everyone can take the benefits from what I said.
Ihhdinasyirootholmustaqim,,,,, !!!
Wassalaamu’alaikum Wr.Wb


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